Large Link Chain 11 15 and 12 x 19 mm Cable Chains

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Large Link Chain, Textured Round Necklace Chain 16 k Bright Gold plated Bracelet Chain *Soldered* Chains, 11, 15, and 12 x 19 mm Links

Round and Oval Textured Chain Link 16 K Gold Large Gold plated Connector Chain Wholesale 11 mm, 15 mm, and 12 mm x 19 mm Shipped from USA. Chains have been sealed and are plated over brass. These links are 11 mm round, 15 mm round and 12 x 19 mm ovals and they are soldered in between each link.

You can also find this chain in 16 k Bright Finish gold plated and sealed and 22 k *Matte* Finish. The difference for the 16 K to 22 K is the 22 K has more yellow in it. The 16 K is lighter in bright yellow color.