Gold Blue Tanzanite Rosary Chain, 4 mm Blue Sapphire Chains CH #511, Silver Plated Boho Crystal Jewelry Chains


Gold Plated Blue Tanzanite Crystal Rosary Chain Blue Sapphire Glass Wholesale 4 mm Chains Jewelry Making

We offer this chain in Gold plated or Silver plated. The gold wrapped chain is a lighter bead color then the silver as seen in first picture.

Beads are running approximately between 3.5-4 on rolls


Material: Gold or Silver wire wrapped

Style: Rosary Chain

Size: Approximately 3 mm Metal Bead; Beads approximately are running between 3.0 mm on rolls

Quantity of Items: Footage varies by Customer picks

Materials: Copper base.

*****ADD On $100 in Insurance for Less then $1.00******

All insurance amounts are available for First Class Shipping OR Priority Shipping. A Girls Gems does not make any money on insurance. This is priced directly from USPS and Etsy fees. The seller does not replace damaged, stolen, misplaced or lost packages by USPS when insurance isn't covered. We welcome all custom orders or wholesale bulk orders. If you are unsure on an item, please message us and we will answer promptly. All crystals, stones, beads, druzys, pendants, rosary chains may have some natural variations from all pictures listed in our shop due to monitor settings and colors or natural working processes of being handmade.


Notes Regarding Chains: All of our chains are cut in a continuous chain unless it is the end of a roll. We do not cut 10 feet in 1 foot sections. Any 925 Sterling Silver or Silver plated chains will tarnish. We suggest keeping your chains in a sealed jewelry bag to help prevent this. I'm sorry but all cut chains are non refundable. We recommend you try a foot sample before large purchases. Stainless steel chains come in gold or silver and are known for their non tarnishing properties. We don't control the colors, where gold may be applied on tight weave or small chains. All of our 14 K Gold Filled chains, charms, or findings are Genuine 14/20 Gold Filled. To be called gold filled by US LAW, the plating needs to be very very thick, at least 5% of weight.

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