Genuine Cubic Zircon Chains, Square Bezel Chains Silver, Gold Plated


CZ Chain By The Yard, Genuine Cubic Zircon Bezel Chains Gold Plated, 5 mm x 9 mm CZ Connectors Links - Soldered

Conversion: 3 Feet is equal to 1 Yard. Approximately 3 CZ Bezels per inch.

We carry these in Gold and Silver Plated. It's really a stunning chain for any of your jewelry projects. These have a soldered linking ring in between each square so that you have no waste. Cut the linking ring off and use the individual connectors for earring parts, bracelet links, necklaces, just an endless list of ideas for these chains!

NOTE: Beads are running approximately between 5.0 x 9.0 - 9.5 mm on their rolls. As with all stones, each piece may vary slightly in shape, color or size.

Notes Regarding Chains: All of our chains are cut in a continuous chain unless it is the end of a roll. We do not cut 10 feet in 1 foot sections. Any plated items you have purchased before may not match exactly to what another item was plated months before as all plated items can vary in color for different run times when plating any items. Any 925 Sterling Silver or Silver plated chains will tarnish. We suggest keeping your chains in a sealed jewelry bag to help prevent this. I'm sorry but all cut chains are non refundable. We recommend you try a foot sample before large purchases. Stainless steel chains come in gold or silver and are known for their non tarnishing properties. We don't control the colors, where gold may be applied on tight weave or small chains. All of our 14 K Gold Filled chains, charms, or findings are Genuine 14/20 Gold Filled. To be called gold filled by US LAW, the plating needs to be very very thick, at least 5% of weight.

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