Four Colors of Slider Beads


8 Pieces 4 Colors to choose from of Slider Beads Chain Stopper Beads 4 mm x 8 mm DIY Bracelets Gold Gunmetal Silver Rose Gold Plated Styles for Adjustable Chains Bracelet Necklace. AGGSM71

Side 8 mm round and 4 mm thick. Fits 1.6 to 2 mm chain (so if two chains, need to be .8 to 1 mm thickness)

If you choose a Mix lot of different color stopper beads, please be sure to put a note of how many of each color you would like when placing the order; if no note, then we will send an even random number of different colors.

These are available in Gold plated, Rose Gold plated, Silver plated, and Gunmetal Black plated

******ADD On $100 in Insurance for Less then $1.00******

All insurance amounts are available for First Class Shipping OR Priority Shipping. A Girls Gems does not make any money on insurance. This is priced directly from USPS and website fees. Get insurance or you aren't covered for damaged, lost or stolen packages; seller doesn't cover or replace items.

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