925 Sterling Silver Fob Lariat Necklace, Silver Drawn Rectangle Chain, Front Swivel Clasp Choker


Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Wraps in *All Lengths* By Regina Harp Designs

D E T A I L S:

This necklace is as seen in Picture #1 on our Largest 925 Sterling Silver Designer Rectangle Chains, ***NOT plated *** will last a lifetime. Includes a 925 Fob Swivel Clasp in the front to add on your Pendants and Spring Ring clasp on the back of the necklace. This is a larger link chain and thicker gauge then typically seen in this style chain. This gives a bigger look to your necklace. Our most popular lengths are below. If you need a different length, please message us with any questions.


• 925 Sterling Silver chain is approximately 11.0 mm links in drawn rectangle shape.

• Comes with all 925 Sterling Silver jump rings and components.

• Front clasp is 925 Sterling Silver and you can easily clip on your charm. Also includes spring ring clasp on the back of the necklace. The drop on the necklace is 3 inches

• To choose your size you can pick your necklace size. These are custom made necklaces, so please measure neck size by wrapping a string around your neck where you want the necklace to be and then measure the length of the string and this is your desired size. This chain necklace is non refundable.

L E N G T H:

• Pictured Necklace is 24 inches long. We can customize any designs with any pendant.
• All our necklaces are custom made per your selections and will ship out in an Organza Bag.
• To Love & Care For your necklace for longer life: Remove before working out, housework, water/swimming/bathing. Do not wear perfume in your neckline area near your necklace as this is very harmful to your necklace's metals.

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