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A Girls Gems was just a small idea that started by me making some seed beaded bracelets and necklace and knotted jewelry online. Growing frustrated with not being able to find all the cubic zirconia items I wanted, I started adding those to the shop and everyone was exited that they could find those so easily. As time went by, what started out as a small business of carrying a few products has grown by leaps and bounds in no time. My passion for jewelry making and design has grown each year due to our customers and their loyalty and support! They are the best! I absolutely love what I do assisting all of our jewelry designers and I have really enjoyed watching them grown their own businesses by leaps and bounds as well!

A Little About Me

I married my high school sweetheart and now we have 4 children & 3 beautiful grandchildren. First experience with Jewelry making - With my aunt who I remember showing me how to make the turquoise bird and seed bead, wire earrings and necklaces. These were very popular in the 70's. Her and my Mom used to take us to the Flea Market almost every weekend to browse and see what all they had in jewelry. I loved those times as a child.
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