Empty Jewelry Chain Spool, 2.2 Inch Plastic Round Bobbin, Tool For Wire
Chain Organizer Spool, Empty Jewelry Bobbin Spool, Durable Plastic Round Spool Max of 15 can ship at one time unless Priority Shipping is paid for. **SPECIFICATIONS** Approximate Measurements: 2.2 Inches or 55 mm Round; 20 mm Thick; Hole 25.6 mm...
from $3.79
Bead Helper Laminated Cards, Bead or Wire Gauge Sizes, Ruler Reference In Centimeters
Beading Helper Laminated Cards - Perfect to take with you on the go or at your shop. Each is laminated to protect your cards from water damage, bending or delaminating problems. **SPECIFICATIONS** Quantity of Items: 1 card unless otherwise selected...
from $2.40
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