Seashell Charms, Gold Dipped Edge Nautical Shells


Gold Edge Natural Spiral Sea Shell Charms, 2, 5 Pcs Gold Dipped Nautical Conch Seashell, Beach, Ocean Cone Necklace Jewelry Boho Charm

Strombus Seashell, Gold Edge Seashell Pendants

Measurements Approximately - 25 x 40 mm; natural shells varies slightly
Holes: 1.5 - 2.0 mm
Plated Colors: Gold dipped
Stones: N/A
Quantity of Items: 1 piece unless otherwise selected
Materials: Natural Shell
Conversion in MM: US Dime 18 mm; US Nickel is 21.5 mm; US Quarter is 24 mm; Conversion: 1 inch = 25.4 mm

******ADD On $100 in Insurance for Less then $1.00******

All insurance amounts are available for First Class Shipping OR Priority Shipping. A Girls Gems does not make any money on insurance. This is priced directly from USPS and Etsy fees.

If you need more, please message us and we'll do a look up for your address and amount needed. The seller does not replace damaged, stolen, misplaced or lost packages by USPS when insurance isn't covered. We welcome all custom orders or wholesale bulk orders. If you are unsure on an item, please message us and we will answer promptly. All crystals, stones, beads, druzys, pendants, rosary chains may have some natural variations from all pictures listed in our shop due to monitor settings and colors or natural working processes of being handmade.

Seashell Charms, Gold Dipped Edge Nautical Shells
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