Heishi Flat Rondelle Beads, Colorful Acrylic Disc CB #150, 6 mm Bracelet Bangle Beads


1 Full Strands of Heishi Beads in 6 mm for Bracelet Bangle, Hoop Earrings, Necklaces


Measures Approximately: approximately 8.0 inch strand
Hole: 1.0-1.5 mm but can vary
Thickness: Approximately 1.5 mm thick
Quantity of Items: 4 mm-N/A, 6 mm- varies , 8 mm N/A, 10 mm-N/A
Materials: Acrylic Light weight Flat Beads

We welcome all custom orders or wholesale bulk orders. If you are unsure on an item, please message us and we will answer promptly before you place an order. We are always available to answer your jewelry questions. All pictures represent the items that are being sold in our shop, but due to monitor settings, colors or being natural materials in nature as well as the working processes of being made, colors or bead hole sizes may vary in beads. Natural gemstone comes from mineral. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny flaw or imperfections. Even the size of the bead strand you purchase can vary in color from size to size.

We will not take any returns on bead strands that have been cut from their strands or a portion of the listing amount, i.e. 2 strand, 5 strand. We don't sale loose beads and won't make a return on this or one flawed bead or holes or color not being exact because all these things can vary in the process of making any beads. We have put the approximately size of each bead strand length, beads in each strand and holes sizes. This is not a guarantee but an approximate of what most bead strands are in this type of strand, but as anything in jewelry making, it can vary and we will not accept returns based on this.

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