Gold Heart Hoop Ear Rings, 42 mm Silver Heart Shaped Gold Charms #946, High Quality


Silver Smooth Heart Shaped Dainty Gold Wire Hoop Ear Ring Charms, - 2 pc/1 Pair

Heart Hoops with High Quality Plating! Very light weight and can be used to add on earring hooks or studs. These are slightly dapped or hammered in free forming styles.

Measurements Approximately: 35 x 42 mm
Stones: N/A
Holes: 1.5-2.0 mm
Quantity of Items: 1 piece unless otherwise selected
Materials: Gold plating over Copper Base
Conversions: 2 pieces = 1 Pair; (MM): US Dime: 18 mm; US Nickel: is 21.5 mm; US Quarter: is 24 mm

NOTE: 14 K Gold wire hooks are not included.

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