Brushed Gold Rondelle Beads, 20 Pc Round Metal Saucer Beads #2958, 6 mm 8 mm Spacers


Brushed Gold Rondelle Beads

Brushed Gold and made with the same Standards and High Quality as our Flat Spacer Disc Beads.


Measures Approximately: 6 x 3.8 or 8 x 4.4 mm
Hole: 1.5~2.0 mm but can vary
Quantity of Items: 20 piece samples 8 inch bead strands; 6 mm-56 pc; 8 mm-45 pc
Materials: Brushed gold plated over Copper brass base

We welcome all custom orders or wholesale bulk orders. If you are unsure on an item, please message us and we will answer promptly. All crystals, stones, beads, druzys, pendants, rosary chains may have some natural variations from all pictures listed in our shop due to monitor settings and colors or natural working processes of being handmade.

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