14 K Gold Hoop Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver, Small or Large Round Hoops #196


14 K Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver Hoop earrings - 2 pieces/1 pair

Measurements Approximately: Gold Filled: 16 mm, 20 mm, or 30 mm Wire beading hoops in diamond cut textured (OR) 925 Silver: 16 mm thick tubes 2.2 mm, 16 mm with hinge wire, 22 mm with hinge wire

Quantity of Items: 1 piece unless otherwise selected
Materials: 14 K Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver

NOTE: These work well if you want to add charms or wear them alone. The 30 mm hoop in gold filled is a beading hoop. Once you add on your beads you can bend the end up to secure your hoops.

Conversions: 2 pieces = 1 Pair; (MM): US Dime: 18 mm; US Nickel: is 21.5 mm; US Quarter: is 24 mm

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